Fresh & Clean

Once upon a time I worked at an asparagus farm. It was short-lived. By short-lived, I mean, it was one day. I was a teenager. My friend and I thought this sounded like a good opportunity. It wasn’t. I do not remember much about the experience, except that we were promised so much pay per pound of asparagus harvested. I also remember it being really hot, the owners not being very nice (at all), and the overall pay disappointing. Like, really disappointing. I’m guessing these farmers had the ad out all season long, as they had a revolving door of wide-eyed, asparagus pulling, teenaged workers come and go.

I learned my lesson. . .I am not an asparagus farmer.  Continue reading


Summer Slackers Unite! (And Eat Salad.)

I’m a slacker.

Hey, it’s summer. You know? The lazy days of…? So, I’ve been lazy. Oh, I’ve been cooking- but being careful to measure, write down the recipes, take photos and blog? Nope. Not so much.  We have been leisurely eating dinner late, usually after sitting on the patio as the day winds down.  We’ve been eating well and I’m going to get back into the swing. Really I am.

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