Any Day Will Do

I took French in high school. That was dumb. I mean, it’s a cool language, and all, but not very practical. At least, for me. I don’t remember much. I speak un peu.  There you go. . .that is about the extent of it. Uh huh. Well, maybe a little bit more, but what I should have taken is Spanish.  That would have made sense. For practicality and because I’m kind of in love with Latin culture- music, food, traditions… If there is such a thing as a  francophile, surely there is a latinophile. I will wear that badge proudly. And, yes, I will learn Spanish fluently one day.  My friend, Jerry, told me way back when that he would teach me, and I’m still waiting. . .Jerry??? Continue reading


Date Night-In: Short Ribs

We’ve decided to forgo going out to eat for a while…            IMG_0414

Though, we find “date night” to be really important. Day-to-day busyness and family responsibilities leave us wanting time and space to ourselves – as a couple…remember that? We really do have names that aren’t “Mom” & “Dad?”

But now, our date night is a weekly weeknight financial seminar that we are attending. What? That doesn’t sound romantic to you? Well,  becoming financially free sounds downright steamy to me. So, in the spirit of being financially careful and more responsible, we have stopped dining out for now. Though, after our seminars we’ve decided we will splurge and  go out for coffee, or a drink, or a dessert – on the cheap. And in lieu of date night dining out, I’ll be making a special dinner once a week, just for the two of us, at home.  Don’t worry – the kids won’t go hungry . . . I just make them something a little more their style, earlier.

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Summer Slackers Unite! (And Eat Salad.)

I’m a slacker.

Hey, it’s summer. You know? The lazy days of…? So, I’ve been lazy. Oh, I’ve been cooking- but being careful to measure, write down the recipes, take photos and blog? Nope. Not so much.  We have been leisurely eating dinner late, usually after sitting on the patio as the day winds down.  We’ve been eating well and I’m going to get back into the swing. Really I am.

I l Continue reading