In the Present

The school year has ended and my summer has begun. It started with traveling for a family wedding, visiting, and just having some R & R. I am gearing up to teach summer school, so my break is a short one. But a break, nonetheless.

I have not been blogging much, out of busyness elsewhere. I also had been stressing a bit on getting recipes up here that I had posted for Whole 30 Recipes months ago.

But, how silly. . .

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Any Day Will Do

I took French in high school. That was dumb. I mean, it’s a cool language, and all, but not very practical. At least, for me. I don’t remember much. I speak un peu.  There you go. . .that is about the extent of it. Uh huh. Well, maybe a little bit more, but what I should have taken is Spanish.  That would have made sense. For practicality and because I’m kind of in love with Latin culture- music, food, traditions… If there is such a thing as a  francophile, surely there is a latinophile. I will wear that badge proudly. And, yes, I will learn Spanish fluently one day.  My friend, Jerry, told me way back when that he would teach me, and I’m still waiting. . .Jerry??? Continue reading