BUTT, You Must Try It!

*This is a pre-gluten free recipe, so it suggests serving on bread. Gluten free without the bread…or, serve it on a toasty gluten free baguette, a crisp corn tortilla, or all on its own, topped with slaw. The carbs are not the star in this dish, anyway. ūüôā )

Within the past few weeks we’ve had to throw out both our waffle iron and blender.¬† Maybe that seems like no big deal, but both of them were wedding presents.¬† We are nearing 15 years and apparently that means small appliances have met their life span.¬† I love the idea of an anniversary¬†shower with registries, oh about every 15 years or so, ¬†but I don’t think that idea will catch on.¬† Much to my Pottery Barn dismay.

Another bridal shower gift of mine that will probably outlive me is my slow cooker.¬† Sure it is 15 years old too, but it doesn’t get nearly the wear and tear of some other things.¬† In fact, I have¬†in the past ¬†forgotten I owned one.¬† Pretty sad. (I sure hope whoever gave me that thing does not read this!)¬† I have often told friends that I don’t really “do” the crock pot.¬† It’s great for potluck style get-togethers to keep things hot, but for cooking…ummm, not so much.¬† I remember perusing the little booklet that came along with it, and I believe I got a “Crockery Cooking” cookbook, as well.¬† In the¬†early days I tried a thing or two and was not impressed.¬† But, I am a sucker for “slow cooking”.¬† Braised meat – yes, please!¬† Slowly smoked, fall-off the bones ribs – oh yeah!¬†¬†Stews or sauces¬†that have cooked for hours, even more succulent the next day – ooh baby!

My store recently had pork butt on sale.¬† It is really pork shoulder, not…you know.¬† If you’ve ever had pulled pork, you have eaten it.¬† It is an inexpensive¬†cut of meat,¬†and lends itself to slow cooking, because of its high content of fat and connective tissue.¬† Cook it slowly, and¬†once all of that breaks down, it melts in your mouth.¬† Delicious.¬†¬† We have done pulled pork on the grill, dry rubbed and smoked, then combined with a classic thin, vinegary sauce, and let me tell you…you want a dinner invitation.

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