As Promised. . .

So currently my favorite social media platform is Instagram. I was not much of an Instagrammer before, but since retooling my blog, I thought I’d put it up there, too. My eyes have been opened! I’ve been posting a lot of photos of things I have been making, and hashtagging, especially since doing two rounds of Whole30. Well, Whole30 (like, the real deal) noticed, and offered me a spot to be a guest blogger on their feed for a week, and I just wrapped that up! Say what?! Me??? So crazy and fun!

It was a little nerve wracking thinking that 140+k people would be seeing my food and recipes, but also really exciting! Sharing my food is kind of my love language, which also makes it a vulnerable part of me, too.(It’s complicated. Okay, maybe a little weird…I know.) One thing I am not (but would love to get better at) is a food photographer, so that felt like the hardest part. I did put up a photo, or two, that seemed alright at first to my novice eye, but now I wish I could delete them, because I know I could do better. Maybe at least add some hashtags that read: #cooknotphotographer #tryingtogetbetter #stilllearning #beniceplease #ittastesbetterIpromise

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Date Night-In: Short Ribs

We’ve decided to forgo going out to eat for a while…            IMG_0414

Though, we find “date night” to be really important. Day-to-day busyness and family responsibilities leave us wanting time and space to ourselves – as a couple…remember that? We really do have names that aren’t “Mom” & “Dad?”

But now, our date night is a weekly weeknight financial seminar that we are attending. What? That doesn’t sound romantic to you? Well,  becoming financially free sounds downright steamy to me. So, in the spirit of being financially careful and more responsible, we have stopped dining out for now. Though, after our seminars we’ve decided we will splurge and  go out for coffee, or a drink, or a dessert – on the cheap. And in lieu of date night dining out, I’ll be making a special dinner once a week, just for the two of us, at home.  Don’t worry – the kids won’t go hungry . . . I just make them something a little more their style, earlier.

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