Momma J Cooks began in 2009 as a creative outlet to take a break from professional cooking. Soon after, I  returned to school and just wanted to hunker down and feed my family. As life got busy, and chaotic, I took a break from Momma. Lots of things changed, but one major change was my diet.

A little background on my food history: I originated from a household of wonderful homemade food, which inspired me to cook and do it well. Growing up, my grandma made delicious pizza, gnocchi, pierogi, and Cornish pasties from scratch, often. As an adult,  I could make a meal out of some great, crusty bread with a little dipping oil on the side, and pasta was my go to comfort food.  In 2011, I decided to (very skeptically) try the whole “gluten free thing” to see if it might help my 20 year misery of “IBS.” Within two weeks, I was a changed woman. No more doubled over stomach cramps several times a week, no more IBS symptoms. I haven’t looked back or missed anything. It’s weird how feeling good will do that to a person!

More recently, I went through my first Whole 30, cutting out all grains, sugars, alcohol, dairy, legumes, and unhealthy oils, for 30 days.  It was life changing in that I never felt better. I was sleeping, and soundly. I had steady energy through the day, and once I got through the first few days, my mood stabilized (sugar withdrawals are fierce).  I felt…clearer. Also, flavors just popped. I marveled (for maybe a little too long) one day over the absolute deliciousness of an orange. The food/body connection has never been more real for me.

I tell you this not to say that every recipe on here will be Whole 30, or even paleo/primal, but many probably will be. I have found this type of eating is what makes me feel my best.  However, I will not promise you that I will never again eat gluten-free pizza or some cheese with wine. Life is meant to be lived!

I haven’t lost my love of cooking and creating new recipes. Through this blog, and my journey, I hope you will find delicious, real, whole, beautiful food you can share with everyone – gluten-free, paleo, or not, just like I am doing with those I love.

Thanks for stopping by and reading!



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