Summer Love

Here’s a secret . . . ready? Here goes: I look forward to the changing seasons mostly because of the food. Am I weird? (most likely) Food obsessed? (definitely) Anyone else out there like me? (Food obsessed weirdos unite!)

Seriously, though . . . summer?! Can we talk about summer for a minute? I know it is technically still spring, but school’s out, it’s past Memorial Day, and it. is. hot. out. there! So, I’m declaring it to be “summer.” Plus, some of my favorite things are happening- we’ve been grilling, dining outside a lot, the sun has been shining into the evening hours, and cherries have appeared at the store. Yes, I know! CHERRIES!!!

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Soul-Searching Sunday

Sundays are slow days for us. We leisurely rise, sip some coffee, and pull ourselves together to go to church. I usually just eat something light before we go – this morning was a sliced apple with all-natural peanut butter (ingredients: peanuts ((imagine that!))) and a sprinklin’ of sea salt. When we get home, I like to make a brunch-style meal: waffles, Turkey Sausage Gravy with roasted potatoes, or a frittata. We brunch and then perhaps, have a snack mid-day, and finish with a nice Sunday dinner.

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In the Present

The school year has ended and my summer has begun. It started with traveling for a family wedding, visiting, and just having some R & R. I am gearing up to teach summer school, so my break is a short one. But a break, nonetheless.

I have not been blogging much, out of busyness elsewhere. I also had been stressing a bit on getting recipes up here that I had posted for Whole 30 Recipes months ago.

But, how silly. . .

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Any Day Will Do

I took French in high school. That was dumb. I mean, it’s a cool language, and all, but not very practical. At least, for me. I don’t remember much. I speak un peu.  There you go. . .that is about the extent of it. Uh huh. Well, maybe a little bit more, but what I should have taken is Spanish.  That would have made sense. For practicality and because I’m kind of in love with Latin culture- music, food, traditions… If there is such a thing as a  francophile, surely there is a latinophile. I will wear that badge proudly. And, yes, I will learn Spanish fluently one day.  My friend, Jerry, told me way back when that he would teach me, and I’m still waiting. . .Jerry??? Continue reading

Fresh & Clean

Once upon a time I worked at an asparagus farm. It was short-lived. By short-lived, I mean, it was one day. I was a teenager. My friend and I thought this sounded like a good opportunity. It wasn’t. I do not remember much about the experience, except that we were promised so much pay per pound of asparagus harvested. I also remember it being really hot, the owners not being very nice (at all), and the overall pay disappointing. Like, really disappointing. I’m guessing these farmers had the ad out all season long, as they had a revolving door of wide-eyed, asparagus pulling, teenaged workers come and go.

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Southern Comfort

My husband and I have always had an affinity for the South. Our life plans include ending up in the South someday. (We’re slowly getting there…) I mean, what’s not to love? Warmer weather, kind and friendly people, a slower pace, and the food…oh, the food!

In culinary school my most loved class was American Regional Cuisine. It was a mix of history, which explained regional food ( very interesting), and cooking. So fun and so very delicious. Like, amazingly so. Of course, a highlight was Southern cuisine: fried chicken, greens, peanut soup, peach pie, red velvet cake, etc., etc. This was before I knew of my gluten issue, and I ate to my heart’s content. (Thank you, Jesus.)

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As Promised. . .

So currently my favorite social media platform is Instagram. I was not much of an Instagrammer before, but since retooling my blog, I thought I’d put it up there, too. My eyes have been opened! I’ve been posting a lot of photos of things I have been making, and hashtagging, especially since doing two rounds of Whole30. Well, Whole30 (like, the real deal) noticed, and offered me a spot to be a guest blogger on their feed for a week, and I just wrapped that up! Say what?! Me??? So crazy and fun!

It was a little nerve wracking thinking that 140+k people would be seeing my food and recipes, but also really exciting! Sharing my food is kind of my love language, which also makes it a vulnerable part of me, too.(It’s complicated. Okay, maybe a little weird…I know.) One thing I am not (but would love to get better at) is a food photographer, so that felt like the hardest part. I did put up a photo, or two, that seemed alright at first to my novice eye, but now I wish I could delete them, because I know I could do better. Maybe at least add some hashtags that read: #cooknotphotographer #tryingtogetbetter #stilllearning #beniceplease #ittastesbetterIpromise

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Hopes and Dreams for Spring

March has come in like a lion. The weather today makes me feel like I should be putting up Christmas decor instead of looking towards spring. But hey, on the positive side, I have a day off of work, and am not even going to think about having to make up this day when it is actually nice outside. Wait. . .I’m staying positive, right? I digress.

Another positive about this weather is it is still time for fill-up-your-belly-with-warmth-and-goodness food. Luckily for me, I had some leftover soup that I could quickly warm up for a delicious lunch.

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Warmth + Healing

I love the smell of onions + butter.  Like, love love. If I could bottle that smell, I would. To me it smells like comfort, deliciousness, and warmth. You just know with that smell wafting through the air, something wonderfully good is about to happen.

That was the case at our house tonight. I don’t know about where you live, but here – it is cold. Downright stupid frigid. In addition, my husband has been sick for days, and my oldest daughter has not been feeling well, either. We needed something warm and healing on the dinner table tonight.

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The Joy of Cookies – Four Ways

Well before I went GF, I stumbled upon a really delicious flour-free peanut butter cookie recipe. Actually, my daughter did – in her kids’ Emeril Lagasse cookbook; you know, as in, “BAM!” These are the most peanut buttery, delicious cookies – and that is no lie. I take my cookies, especially my peanut butter ones quite seriously. His recipe is kind of unbelievable because there are only three ingredients: peanut butter, sugar, and an egg. That’s it.

Well, I’ve tweaked these cookies a bit over time and I think I have improved upon the celebrity chef’s. Oops! (but, not really oops, because dang, they’re good!)

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